Welcome to the 2023 USA Archery Colorado Indoor Series.

This will be a 3 tournament series with a registration fee of $45 per tournament. 

Tournaments will be held on the following Saturdays: September 16th, October 21st and November 18th.

The tournament will offer Senior (any age) and Master 50+ classes for the Compound, Recurve, Barebow and Traditional divisions. 

Due to lane assignment logistics, no vertical target faces will be available. Only 40cm single spot and 40cm triangular triple face will be available.

Each tournament will consist of two 300 rounds (10 ends of 3 arrows) shot at 18-meters. 

At each tournament, archers will be ranked after the first 300 round and placed in flights per division. 

Flights will be determined as follows. The highest four ranked archers within a division will be assigned to one bale, next four highest ranked archers within the division will be assigned to a second bale and so on. 

The highest score per bale (not including the scores achieved during the first 300 round) of each bale will receive a swag-like award. No overall awards per tournament will be awarded.

Archers that participate in 2 or more tournaments will be eligible for an overall first, second and third place medal awards per division.  

In addition, the top ranked archers that participate in all 3 tournaments, will be awarded their entry fee to a 2024 USA Archery Indoor National Event in the location of their choosing. This additional award is guaranteed for the following divisions:

  • Senior Compound Male and Female
  • Senior Recurve Male and Female
  • Senior Barebow Male and Female

Divisions not listed above can qualify for the entry fee award if their specific division has an average participation of 4 archers per tournament.

For divisions with less that an average participation of 4 archers, the eligible top archer per division will be grouped to determine an archer who will receive an entry fee award. The method for selecting this archer is still to be determined. 

Entry fee awards will be paid directly to USA Archery. Archers that do not register for a 2024 USA Archery Indoor National tournament will forfeit the award. There will be no cash awarded. 

Top ranked archers will be determined by the combined total score of their best four 300 rounds. Archers that participate in all 3 tournaments would have scored six 300 rounds and therefore would drop the lowest two scoring rounds.  

In the spirit of friendly competition during flights, archers with similar scores might be combined in a bale even if they shoot different divisions.  

If less that 60 archers register, a 9am shooting time will be scheduled. If more than 60 archers register, more shooting times will become available. 

In the case that more than one shooting time is required, each division will have a specific shooting time. Shooting times will be determined and announced after registration closes. Registration will close the Wednesday night before the tournament. Drop ins will only be allowed if space is available. 

Click here for more details and to register for this event!

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